Georgia (GA) Cash4Life Winning Numbers & Lottery Results

Georgia Cash4Life

A multi-state game called Cash4Life offers you the chance to win $1,000 every day for the rest of your life. But stand in line, there’s more though. The second reward is a lifetime payment of $1,000 every week. only need to match 5 digits and the Cash Ball. However, there are nine other approaches to winning.

Daily drawings take place at 9:00 p.m. ET. About 15 minutes before the draw time, sales end.

Lottery NameDateWinning NumbersCBTop Prize
Georgia Cash4life ResultsSaturday, Sep 23, 202315-19-23-38-554$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsFriday, Sep 22, 20232-32-49-57-592$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsThursday, Sep 21, 20238-16-19-47-604$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsWednesday, Sep 20, 202310-15-41-43-514$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsTuesday, Sep 19, 20232-3-6-18-191$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsMonday, Sep 18, 20236-42-49-52-552$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsSunday, Sep 17, 20238-29-44-59-603$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsSaturday, Sep 16, 20235-8-19-45-473$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsFriday, Sep 15, 20232-4-21-24-514$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsThursday, Sep 14, 20239-17-39-48-593$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsWednesday, Sep 13, 20231-31-51-56-602$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsTuesday, Sep 12, 20238-33-40-46-572$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsMonday, Sep 11, 20231-9-19-28-521$1,000
Georgia Cash4life ResultsSunday, Sep 10, 202320-21-25-43-454$1,000

Georgia Cash4Life Drawing & Schedule

Draw Time9:00 p.m. ET
Sales Stop8:45 p.m. ET

Georgia Cash4Life Prizes and Odds

5 + Cash Ball$1,000/Day for Life or Cash Option ($7,000,000)1 in 21,846,048
5$1,000/Week for Life or Cash Option ($1,000,000)1 in 7,282,016
4 + Cash Ball$2,5001 in 79,440
4$5001 in 26,480
3 + Cash Ball$1001 in 1,471
3$251 in 490
2 + Cash Ball$101 in 83
2$41 in 28
1 + Cash Ball$21 in 13

Georgia Cash4Life logo-

One numbered ball is picked from a separate pool of balls numbered 1 to 4 and five numbered balls are drawn from a pool of balls numbered 1 to 60. You win $1,000 every day for LIFE if all of your numbers match the ones that were picked!

History of Georgia Cash4Life

The history of Cash4Life GA Lottery, a recent lottery game that gradually drew in neighboring states, hasn’t changed much.

June 2014 – The launch of the CashforLife lottery game in New York and New Jersey. The game developed by the MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association), which ran from 1998 to 2000, is not the same as this one.

2015- Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania enter the game.

2016- Cash4Life expands to include Maryland, Indiana, and Georgia.

2017- Florida joins, and the game adds the Doubler NJ option, which is exclusively accessible in New Jersey.

How Can I participate in Georgia Lottery Cash 4 Life?

1. Select Your Numbers

Choose 5 numbers between 1 and 60 and 1 number between 1 and 4 for the Cash Ball. To choose some or all of your numbers at random for each play, mark the Quick Pick (QP) box on your play slip or write your numbers on it.

2. Purchase Your Ticket

A Cash 4 Life ticket cannot be reversed after it has been produced. Tickets for Cash 4 Life GA must be acquired from an authorized lottery store.

3. Play Multiple Drawings

Either on the play slip or by contacting the shop, request up to 26 consecutive drawings. You can play numerous successive draws at once with multi-draw play. You can’t skip draws.

Important Things to Know About Cash4Life Georgia

  • The lump-sum cash option of $7,000,000 for the first prize is divided by the quantity of winning tickets sold.

  • If there are more than 15 first-place winners, each one will get a lump sum payment for their prize.

  • The maximum of $5,000,000 is split by the number of winning bets when more than 5 players win the second-tier prize.

  • The Guaranteed Annuity Portion states that players who choose the annuity reward will get it for their Measuring Life or twenty (20) years, whichever is longer.


Which option offers better likelihood- choosing my numbers or using the Quick Pick?

The chances of winning are the same whether you choose your numbers or let the terminal choose them at random.

Where is the draw for Georgia Cash4Life?

Every day at 9:00 p.m. ET, Cash4Life drawings are held in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Which states are Cash4Life participants?

Nine states, including Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, and Indiana, participate in the multi-state lottery game known as Cash4Life. Despite being a multi-state game, Cash4Life, winning tickets must be claimed in the state where they were bought.

What is Lumsump payout for cash4life georgia?

If you win the jackpot, you will receive $1000 a day for the rest of your life.

How to play Georgia Cash4Life online?

you can choose to play it at local retailer and also visit official website to Buy Lottery tickets online in Georgia


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