Georgia Fantasy 5 Winning Numbers & Lottery Results

Georgia Fantasy 5

Here are the most recent  Fantasy 5 Georgia winning numbers from the draw, which was held at 11:34 PM ET on seven nights per week. In order to check your numbers and discover if you’ve won a prize, scroll down to the last seven results.

It just costs one dollar to play Fantasy 5, an exhilarating Peach State game with a $125,000 rolling jackpot that keeps growing until it is won.

Lottery NameDateWinning NumbersTop Prize
Georgia Fantasy 5Saturday, Sep 23, 20238-14-28-31-35$125,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Friday, Sep 22, 20237-19-27-36-42$150,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Thursday, Sep 21, 20232-5-7-25-29$125,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Wednesday, Sep 20, 20232-14-18-21-42$916,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Tuesday, Sep 19, 20234-9-10-32-38$727,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Monday, Sep 18, 20233-6-10-30-42$573,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Sunday, Sep 17, 20234-17-24-26-35$446,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Saturday, Sep 16, 202320-23-33-35-40$368,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Friday, Sep 15, 20232-6-14-31-42$281,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Thursday, Sep 14, 202311-18-20-21-22$179,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Wednesday, Sep 13, 20232-11-18-28-32$150,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Tuesday, Sep 12, 20235-13-14-23-25$125,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Monday, Sep 11, 20232-3-6-16-32$167,000
Georgia Fantasy 5Sunday, Sep 10, 20239-12-20-22-35$150,000

How To Play

The Lottery offers GA Fantasy 5, a daily jackpot game. To play, you only need to choose 5 numbers from a range of 1 to 42. The jackpot begins at $125,000 and keeps rolling until someone is the lucky recipient. Add Cash Match for $1 more for the chance to win up to $500 right away. For more information, go visit the Fantasy 5 game page. One in 850,668 is a very low number to break, thus the odds of winning the game are pretty good! The earnings from matching 3, 4, or 5 numbers in Fantasy 5 are pari-mutuel, therefore they will be distributed evenly.

Georgia Fantasy 5 Drawing & Schedule

Draw Time11:34 p.m. ET
Sales Stop10:45 p.m. ET

Georgia Fantasy 5 Prizes and Odds

5Jackpot (Minimum $125,000)1 in 850,668
4Estimated $1501 in 4,598
3Estimated $101 in 128
2Free Ticket1 in 11

The overall odds of winning a prize in Georgia Fantasy 5 are 1 in 10.06.

Georgia Fantasy 5 Cash Match Prizes and Odds

$5001 in 84,000
$2001 in 84,000
$1001 in 10,500
$501 in 3,360
$201 in 1,400
$101 in 140
$51 in 300
$41 in 47
$31 in 12
$21 in 16
$11 in 6

The overall odds of winning a prize in Cash Match are 1 in 2.96.

Georgia Fantasy5

Quick Pick

The computer will automatically select random numbers for you, if you choose the Quick Pick option

History of Georgia Fantasy 5

Since its conception, Georgia Fantasy Five hasn’t undergone much alteration. In 1992, the Georgia Lottery was established to support education, and two years later, fantasy 5 – georgia Lottery was added as a new game.

1994 saw the introduction of the Georgia Fantasy Five, a Georgia Lottery game variation, with its inaugural draw taking place in November.

2015 – The traditional matrix was switched from 1/39 to 1/42.


When did Fantasy 5 start in Georgia?

First Fantasy 5 lottery played in Georgia on November 14, 1994.

Can non Georgia residents play the Georgia Lottery?

No, You must be resident of Georgia to participate in GA Lottery games.

Is Fantasy 5 only in Georgia?

All states offers different type of fantasy five lottery games within the state.

How to play Georgia Fantasy 5 online?

you can choose to play it at local retailer and also visit official website to buy Lottery tickets online in Georgia


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