Georgia Powerball Winning Numbers & Lottery Results

Georgia Powerball

Luck is believing you’re lucky. …Georgia Powerball logo -

Powerball Lottery is a world famous lottery known for his mega jackpot that starts from minimum $20 Million. If you feel you’re lucky then try your lucky numbers by playing Powerball Lottery that can hit the jackpot

For the Powerball Georgia Lottery, it has been repeated numbers 11, 24, 4, 18, 14. if these are your lucky numbers try to win the powerball jackpot prize

Lottery NameDateWinning NumbersPowerballPower PlayTop Prize
PowerballMonday, Jul 22, 202431-36-56-58-6920x2$103 Million
PowerballSaturday, Jul 20, 202418-25-31-40-574x3$92 Million
PowerballWednesday, Jul 17, 202424-27-32-47-6626x2$76 Million
PowerballMonday, Jul 15, 20249-31-39-40-4523x3$65 Million
PowerballSaturday, Jul 13, 20249-55-59-66-6921x2$55 Million
PowerballWednesday, Jul 10, 20247-11-12-27-4626x3$40 Million
PowerballMonday, Jul 08, 202420-22-31-33-451x3$29 Million
PowerballSaturday, Jul 06, 20245-32-35-39-4921x2$20 Million
PowerballWednesday, Jul 03, 20242-26-33-55-5722x2$139 Million
PowerballMonday, Jul 01, 20245-9-32-39-559x2$127 Million
PowerballSaturday, Jun 29, 202426-51-54-61-6925x3$116 Million
PowerballWednesday, Jun 26, 20244-9-36-47-567x5$96 Million
PowerballMonday, Jun 24, 20245-6-36-53-698x2$84 Million
PowerballSaturday, Jun 22, 20244-5-15-32-6221x2$73 Million
PowerballWednesday, Jun 19, 20244-27-44-50-647x3$57 Million
PowerballMonday, Jun 17, 202430-48-53-58-669x2$45 Million
PowerballSaturday, Jun 15, 20244-36-48-54-562x3$35 Million
PowerballWednesday, Jun 12, 202419-30-31-61-6221x2$20 Million
PowerballMonday, Jun 10, 20243-10-33-58-599x2$223 Million
PowerballSaturday, Jun 08, 20248-38-52-54-6415x3$208 Million
PowerballWednesday, Jun 05, 20248-44-45-51-6912x3$187 Million
PowerballMonday, Jun 03, 202419-29-35-36-4516x2$173 Million
PowerballSaturday, Jun 01, 202428-38-52-54-688x2$162 Million
PowerballWednesday, May 29, 202417-34-56-60-619x2$143 Million
PowerballMonday, May 27, 20249-30-39-49-5921x5$131 Million
PowerballSaturday, May 25, 20246-33-35-36-6424x3$121 Million
PowerballWednesday, May 22, 20245-16-18-26-674x3$102 Million
PowerballMonday, May 20, 20241-7-48-64-685x2$89 Million
PowerballSaturday, May 18, 202419-36-37-42-5919x2$78 Million
PowerballWednesday, May 15, 202419-42-45-55-696x2$60 Million
PowerballMonday, May 13, 20245-14-29-38-661x2$48 Million
PowerballSaturday, May 11, 20243-6-39-49-6721x2$37 Million
PowerballWednesday, May 08, 20247-41-43-44-515x2$20 Million
PowerballMonday, May 06, 20247-23-24-56-6025x2$215 Million
PowerballSaturday, May 04, 202414-20-23-53-694x2$200 Million
PowerballWednesday, May 01, 20241-11-19-21-6815x2$180 Million
PowerballMonday, April 29, 202411-38-47-67-6914x2$164 Million
PowerballSaturday, April 27, 20249-30-53-55-6223x3$151 Million
PowerballWednesday, April 24, 20242-20-22-26-4721x4$130 Million
PowerballMonday, April 22, 202412-16-33-39-521x2$116 Million
PowerballSaturday, April 20, 20244-35-41-44-5825x3$103 Million
PowerballWednesday, April 17, 202424-29-44-47-542x2$81 Million
PowerballMonday, April 15, 20247-16-41-56-6123x3$67 Million
PowerballSaturday, April 13, 20247-33-40-43-6910x5$54 Million
PowerballWednesday, April 10, 20246-7-12-24-3615x2$34 Million
PowerballMonday, April 08, 20246-21-23-39-5423x2$20 Million
PowerballSaturday, April 06, 202422-27-44-52-699x3$1.33 Billion
PowerballWednesday, April 03, 202411-38-41-62-6515x3$1.13 Billion
PowerballMonday, April 01, 202419-24-40-42-5623x2$1.03 Billion
PowerballSaturday, March 30, 202412-13-33-50-5223x3$873 Million
PowerballWednesday, March 27, 202437-46-57-60-668x2$873 Million
PowerballMonday, March 25, 20247-11-19-53-6823x2$813 Million
PowerballSaturday, March 23, 20246-23-25-34-513x2$758 Million
PowerballWednesday, March 20, 202413-22-27-54-669x2$699 Million
PowerballMonday, March 18, 202410-17-20-39-4416x3$656 Million
PowerballSaturday, March 16, 202412-23-44-57-615x2$623 Million
PowerballWednesday, March 13, 202421-29-54-59-624x2$563 Million
PowerballMonday, March 11, 20241-3-7-16-665x5$534.3 Million
PowerballSaturday, March 09, 202430-36-49-52-6318x5$511 Million
PowerballWednesday, March 06, 20246-19-28-44-6010x2$486 Million
PowerballMonday, March 04, 202436-42-50-52-6726x2$463 Million
PowerballSaturday, March 02, 20243-18-27-36-5312x2$442.1 Million
PowerballWednesday, February 28, 202416-26-29-38-506x2$415 Million
PowerballMonday, February 26, 202424-29-42-51-5416x3$393 Million
PowerballSaturday, February 24, 20243-8-40-53-583x3$376 Million
PowerballWednesday, February 21, 20244-27-33-41-4214x2$351 Million
PowerballMonday, February 19, 20244-23-45-50-5317x3$332 Million
PowerballSaturday, February 17, 20246-28-59-62-6921x3$316 Million
PowerballWednesday, February 14, 20241-4-45-47-6718x2$285 Million
PowerballMonday, February 12, 202417-36-43-53-6714x2$269 Million
PowerballSaturday, February 10, 202427-28-34-37-448x2$257 Million
PowerballWednesday, February 07, 202412-21-62-67-6917x3$229 Million
PowerballMonday, February 05, 20241-2-27-30-679x5$214 Million
PowerballSaturday, February 03, 20249-11-27-59-6619x3$203 Million
PowerballWednesday, January 31, 202415-18-19-41-4314x2$188 Million
PowerballMonday, January 29, 202439-41-43-49-644x2$175 Million
PowerballSaturday, January 27, 20247-38-65-66-6821x2$164 Million
PowerballWednesday, January 24, 20241-5-32-50-648x4$146 Million
PowerballMonday, January 22, 202424-25-43-52-6321x2$134 Million
PowerballSaturday, January 20, 202416-31-34-47-6510x3$123 Million
PowerballWednesday, January 17, 202418-22-43-61-652x4$102 Million
PowerballMonday, January 15, 202413-30-35-49-594x3$89 Million
PowerballSaturday, January 13, 202413-31-33-51-5815x2$78 Million
PowerballWednesday, January 10, 202425-40-43-48-5011x2$61 Million
PowerballMonday, January 08, 20247-17-28-40-452x3$49 Million
PowerballSaturday, January 06, 20244-31-34-38-6113x2$38 Million
PowerballWednesday, January 03, 202430-31-38-48-688x10$20 Million
PowerballMonday, January 01, 202412-21-42-44-491x3$842 Million
PowerballSaturday, Dec 30, 202310-11-26-27-347x4$786 Million
PowerballWednesday, Dec 27, 20234-11-38-51-685x3$707 Million
PowerballMonday, Dec 25, 20235-12-20-24-294x2$660 Million
PowerballSaturday, Dec 23, 20239-14-17-18-536x3$626 Million
PowerballWednesday, Dec 20, 202327-35-41-56-6016x2$620 Million
PowerballMonday, Dec 18, 20235-8-19-34-3926x3$544 Million
PowerballSaturday, Dec 16, 20233-9-10-20-6225x3$520 Million
PowerballWednesday, Dec 13, 20233-8-41-56-6418x2$504 Million
PowerballMonday, Dec 11, 20231-24-27-31-6220x3$478 Million
PowerballSaturday, Dec 09, 20235-25-26-40-601x2$458 Million
PowerballWednesday, Dec 06, 20232-12-37-56-6521x3$437 Million
PowerballMonday, Dec 04, 202318-19-27-28-459x3$401 Million
PowerballSaturday, Dec 02, 202328-35-41-47-603x2$397.5 Million
PowerballWednesday, Nov 29, 20236-47-50-61-684x2$374 Million
PowerballMonday, Nov 27, 20232-21-38-61-6612x2$352 Million
PowerballSaturday, Nov 25, 202327-33-63-66-689x2$338 Million
PowerballWednesday, Nov 22, 202320-24-33-39-4221x2$316 Million
PowerballMonday, Nov 20, 202319-26-30-39-6313x2$295 Million
PowerballSaturday, Nov 18, 202334-50-51-61-6720x2$280 Million
PowerballWednesday, Nov 15, 20233-4-51-53-606x3$255 Million
PowerballMonday, Nov 13, 202324-33-35-37-4221x2$223 Million
PowerballSaturday, Nov 11, 20231-12-14-24-577x4$198 Million
PowerballWednesday, Nov 08, 202314-21-33-39-6220x2$180 Million
PowerballMonday, Nov 06, 202312-25-40-59-6126x2$179 Million
PowerballSaturday, Nov 04, 20231-28-30-34-526x2$154 Million
PowerballWednesday, Nov 01, 202322-26-39-47-6312x3$138 Million
PowerballMonday, Oct 30, 202319-22-34-66-695x3$125 Million
PowerballSaturday, Oct 28, 202314-24-50-59-642x2$103 Million
PowerballWednesday, Oct 25, 202325-27-41-53-682x2$87 Million
PowerballMonday, Oct 23, 202318-21-25-46-6421x5$87 Million
PowerballSaturday, Oct 21, 20236-15-24-67-6811x2$73 Million
PowerballWednesday, Oct 18, 20231-4-13-35-5824x2$50 Million
PowerballMonday, Oct 16, 20232-27-31-44-6418x3$35 Million
PowerballSaturday, Oct 14, 202314-16-42-48-6414x2$23 Million
PowerballWednesday, Oct 11, 202322-24-40-52-6410x2$1.76 Billion
PowerballMonday, Oct 09, 202316-34-46-55-6714x3$1.57 Billion
PowerballSaturday, Oct 07, 202347-54-57-60-6519x3$1 Billion
PowerballWednesday, Oct 04, 20239-35-54-63-641x2$1 Billion
PowerballMonday, Oct 02, 202312-26-27-43-475x2$1.04 Billion
PowerballSaturday, Sep 30, 202319-30-37-44-4622x2$969 Million
PowerballWenesday, Sep 27, 20231-7-46-47-637x3$856 Million
PowerballMonday, Sep 25, 202310-12-22-36-504x2$794 Million
PowerballSaturday, Sep 23, 20231-12-20-33-6621x2$748 Million
PowerballWednesday, Sep 20, 202316-27-59-62-6323x3$677 Million
PowerballMonday, Sep 18, 20232-21-26-40-429x3$639 Million
PowerballSaturday, Sep 16, 20238-11-19-24-465x2$608 Million
PowerballWednesday, Sep 13, 202322-30-37-44-4518x3$557 Million
PowerballMonday, Sep 11, 20239-25-27-53-665x2$527 Million
PowerballSaturday, Sep 09, 202311-19-29-63-6825x2$502 Million
PowerballWednesday, Sep 06, 20239-14-20-23-631x3$463 Million

How to play Powerball

The general process for filling out a Georgia Powerball ticket is the same worldwide, while the specifics will vary slightly from state to state. You must indicate the numbers you wish to wager on, the number of drawings you desire, and whether or not you desire the Power Play option on your ticket. Fill out a simple ticket by following the instructions below.

Five numbers from 1 to 69 and one from 1 to 26 must be filled in. Usually, Georgia Powerball tickets are divided into a number of sections called “boards,” each of which contains a row of multiple-choice style bubbles for you to fill in with your selection of numbers. In essence, each board represents one $2 ticket. In other words, you can gamble on a single set of numbers and complete one board on the ticket for $2. You can wager on an additional set of numbers for $2 more for each additional board that is completed.

Georgia Powerball Drawing & Schedule

Find out GA Powerball Live Drawing in below Table

Draw Time10:59 p.m. ET10:59 p.m. ET10:59 p.m. ET
Sales StopVaries according to jurisdictionVaries according to jurisdictionVaries according to jurisdiction

Georgia Powerball Prizes and Odds

5 + Mega BallJackpot1 in 292,201,338
5$1,000,0001 in 11,688,053.52
4 + Mega Ball$50,0001 in 913,129.18
4$1001 in 36,525.17
3 + Mega Ball$1001 in 14,494.11
3$71 in 579.76
2 + Mega Ball$71 in 701.33
1 + Mega Ball$41 in 91.98
Powerball only$41 in 38.32

Overall odds of winning a prize in Powerball are 1 in 24.87.

Georgia Powerball Power Play Prizes

Find out GA Powerball Power play Prizes in following tables.

5 + Mega BallJackpotJackpotJackpotJackpotJackpotJackpot
4 + Mega Ball$50,000$100,000$150,000$200,000$250,000$500,000
3 + Mega Ball$100$200$300$400$500$1,000
2 + Mega Ball$7$14$21$28$35$70
1 + Mega Ball$4$8$12$16$20$40
Powerball only$4$$12$16$20$40

Georgia Powerball Power Play Odds

Megaplier Multiplier2X3X4X5X10X
Odds with 10x multiplier1 in 1.791 in 3.311 in 14.331 in 21.51 in 43
Odds without 10x multiplier1 in 1.751 in 3.231 in 141 in 21N/A

Quick pick

Request a Quick Pick ticket instead from the clerk. You can typically request a Quick Pick ticket in place of the standard Powerball ticket if you don’t want to manually fill out a lengthy Powerball GA ticket or don’t care which numbers you bet on. In this scenario, a machine will pick your numbers at random on your behalf just as if you had filled out the “QP” space for a board on the standard ticket.

A Brief Power Ball History

The most well-known lottery game in the world is probably Powerball. However, how did it begin? Here is a brief overview of this game’s history.

End of 1987

The Multi-State Lottery Association was established by the lotteries of West Virginia, Iowa, Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, Oregon, Kansas, and Missouri.

February 1988

The Multi-State Lottery Association introduced Lotto*America in February 1988 as the predecessor to the game that would eventually become known as Powerball.

January 1991 to August 1989

Wisconsin, Montana, Idaho, Minnesota, Indiana, South Dakota, Kentucky, and Delaware are the additional eight states that have joined Lotto*America.

April 1992

Powerball replaced the moniker Lotto*America.

The new format is 5/45 plus 1/45.

The $2 million initial jackpot was set.

On April 22, the initial Powerball draw was held. April 1994 – October 1996

Arizona, Nebraska, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New Mexico are the additional six states that have joined.

March 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic caused the beginning jackpot to be set at $20 million. Between draws, there must be a minimum roll increase of $2 million.

Nov. 20, 2022

A single ticket purchased in California that won the $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot broke the previous record for the highest lottery jackpot.


How do you play the Powerball game?

Players choose a Powerball number from 1 to 26 and five numbers from 1 to 69. Additionally available to players is the Power Play, which multiplies any non-jackpot winnings. Players may also want to add Double Play, which entitles them to take part in a separate draw for the opportunity to win additional prizes, in some jurisdictions.

How much is a powerball ticket?

$2 per day.

What number is the Power Ball?

It’s the sixth number from 1 to 26 on your ticket. You receive at least $4 for matching it.

What exactly is the Powerball Quick Pick option?

With the Quick Pick option, a computer will choose numbers at random for your ticket.

What exactly is Power Play?

All non-jackpot winnings from Power Play are multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10, depending on the multiplier number chosen prior to the draw. Except for California, Power Play is accessible in every state in the union.

What is the definition of Double Play?

With a top cash reward of $10 million, Double Play allows players a second chance to win with their chosen numbers in a subsequent draw. Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Washington are among the states that provide Double Play.

Can I claim my Georgia Lottery Powerball winnings in a location other than the store where I bought the winning ticket?

No, all awards must be claimed in the country where they were purchased.

How is the Georgia Powerball jackpot distributed?

Jackpot winners might choose to receive their award as a cash lump payment or an annuity. The jackpot is divided into 30 annual payments made over a 29-year period in the annuity option. Please see our annuity cash converter tool to compare the two choices.

Is GA Powerball Results stream live or not?

Watch Live Stream PowerBall at official website, GA drawing Days are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

How to play USA Powerball Online?

you can choose to play it at local retailer and also visit official website to buy Lottery tickets online in Georgia

Ga Lottery aims to provide you the most accurate and latest results of drawing. Bookmark our website to follow latest Results and updated Information.

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