How to Avoid Lottery Scams

Georgia Lottery Issues a Warning Regarding the Fake Winning Tickets

“You’re the lottery winner!” There are tons of people who are seeking to hear it. However, occasionally scammers who want to take your money will use those words. The majority of those scammers have presented themselves as being connected to the Georgia lottery. Although, none of the winners would ever receive a call, text, or email from a GA Lottery representative informing them that they had won a prize.

How to Avoid Lottery Scams

How Do They Scam You?

All of these scammers use the same tactic to get your money or personal information, they pretend that you have won a sizable lottery jackpot to deceive you into giving them your money or personal information. They frequently prey on the elderly and are commonly known to steal victims’ retirement funds.

If someone is fooled into assuming he or she is the winner of a prize, the scammers tend to convince the person to send them money for “taxes” or “fees.” Additionally, they might attempt to obtain the victim’s bank account information so they can empty it.

Sending a fake “check” to the winner and asking them to send more cash to cover costs is another scam. The victims don’t realize the check they got is fake until after they’ve sent their own money. Additionally, once a victim has fallen for the con, the con artist will repeatedly demand additional “fees” to process the “prize,” but regardless of how much the victim continues to pay, there is never a prize.

In the fraud, scratch-off tickets that are discounted and designed to look like winning tickets are used, the Georgia Lottery Corp reported in a press statement. According to the press release, players discover they have been duped when they go to collect the “prize.”

Tips To Help You Avoid Being Scammed

Georgia Lottery participants may avoid this scam by doing the following:

  • Only buy Georgia Lottery tickets from one of the more than 8,500 authorized retailers that sell Georgia Lottery products throughout the state of Georgia. Additionally, Georgians can buy tickets online from Georgia Official Lottery website or through the Georgia Lottery app.
  • Be cautious if someone claims you won a lottery you never participated in. You cannot win a valid lottery unless you purchase a ticket.
  • Regardless of their justification or story, never give cash to someone who offers to sell you a “winning ticket.”
  • Do not provide them with your bank account details if they promise to deposit the “winnings” into your account.
  • You should hang up the phone right away if you believe someone is trying to con you. If you start a conversation with them, your name and contact information can get added to a list that is distributed to other scammers.
  • If you are approached and offered a “winning ticket” in exchange for money, decline the offer and notify the Georgia Lottery right away.

The security team for the Georgia Lottery protects the fairness of its games and has the ability to look into who bought lottery tickets when they were bought, and where. Anyone engaging in lottery fraud may face legal consequences.

Summing It Up!

The GA Government makes a lot of effort to fight fraud, but we think that everyone should contribute to the effort. Your greatest protection is to be aware, educate oneself, and exercise good judgment using our helpful recommendations. Avoid being a victim: Before it’s too late, it’s important to learn how to recognize the warning indications of a scam or a con artist.

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 Side Info:

Players with inquiries about the Georgia Lottery are suggested to contact the Player Information Hotline at 1-800-GA-LUCKY (1-800-425-8259).

Moreover, you can also visit and report at Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3),