Georgia (GA) FIVE Winning Numbers & Lottery Results

Georgia FIVE

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Today’s Georgia (GA) FIVE Lottery Winning Results

Lottery NameDateWinning NumbersTop Prize
Georgia FIVE MiddaySunday, Sep 24, 20232-0-7-0-2$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningSaturday, Sep 23, 20239-8-5-4-7$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddaySaturday, Sep 23, 20233-9-5-9-0$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningFriday, Sep 22, 20237-4-9-5-2$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddayFriday, Sep 22, 20237-0-6-2-4$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningThursday, Sep 21, 20237-1-1-1-1$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddayThursday, Sep 21, 20233-2-4-7-6$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningWednesday, Sep 20, 20232-3-6-5-9$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddayWednesday, Sep 20, 20239-7-2-0-7$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningTuesday, Sep 19, 20232-4-6-6-4$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddayTuesday, Sep 19, 20239-6-4-1-8$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningMonday, Sep 18, 20234-3-3-3-1$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddayMonday, Sep 18, 20236-5-3-5-2$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningSunday, Sep 17, 20235-5-6-5-4$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddaySunday, Sep 17, 20234-2-2-3-5$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningSaturday, Sep 16, 20234-2-4-6-8$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddaySaturday, Sep 16, 20230-1-3-6-4$10,000
Georgia FIVE EveningFriday, Sep 15, 20234-0-6-3-2$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddayFriday, Sep 15, 20235-4-1-6-6$10,000
Georgia FIVE MiddayThursday, Sep 14, 20231-0-8-0-2$10,000

How to Play

To compete for a cash prize for, you must choose five numbers between 0 and 9 that exactly match the winning numbers picked in the draw. Alternatively, you can pick Quick Pick, in which scenario the random number generator will generate the numbers for you.

Georgia FIVE Drawing & Schedule

Draw Time12:29 p.m. EST06:59 p.m. EST
Sales Stop12:20 p.m. EST06:50 p.m. EST

Georgia FIVE Prizes and Odds

5$10,0001 in 100,000
First/Last 4$2251 in 5,556
First 3 + Last Number$211 in 11,111
First Number + Last 3$211 in 11,111
First/Last 3$201 in 617
First 2 + Last 2 Numbers$201 in 11,111
First 2 + Last Number$111 in 1,235
First + Last 2 Numbers$111 in 1,235
First/Last 2$101 in 62
First + Last Number$21 in 123
First or Last Number$11 in 6

Georgia (GA) FIVE Winning Numbers & Lottery Results

History of GA (Georgia) 5

GA FIVE lottery game is designed in 2010 to be exciting and unusual from standard Pick 3, Pick 4, or Pick 5 games, has not undergone any alterations over the course of its existence.

Important Georgia (GA) FIVE Facts

  • This game offers 15 possible winning combinations, although the bulk of payouts is around $21.

  • Up to seven drawings can be played in advance each week to play sequential draws.

  • Every day, there are two drawings.

  • The only jackpot is the $10,000 top prize, and winners have 180 days to receive their award.

Georgia 5 Playing Instructions

1. Pick Your Numbers & Try Your Luck

You can fill out a play slip and choose a five-digit number between 00000 and 99999, or you can use the Quick Pik option to have the computer choose your numbers for you automatically.

2. Purchase a Ticket

Tickets for Georgia FIVE are available at any of the more than 8,700 accredited merchants in Georgia. There is no online play for Georgia FIVE. Each play has a $1 ticket price.

The Georgia Five Prize Claim

If you win the $10,000 grand prize, you must pick up your cash at the Georgia Lottery’s main office or one of its district offices.

Direct claims for secondary prizes worth less than $600 can be made at any approved Georgia Lottery retailer. You can also mail in a claim for rewards. Prizes have 180 days from the applicable draw to be claimed.

Fascinating Stories of GA FIVE Winners

1. Margaret Williams – On September 18, 2017, the Douglasville resident and author of the children’s book “Cotton Candy, My Maltese Dog” earned Georgia FIVE’s $10,000 top prize. She didn’t learn about her award until she got an email with information on how to claim it. With those profits, she intends to pay some of her debts.

2. Jason Holmes – Jason Holmes, this time from Brunswick, opted to check the GA Five lottery results without having the detective talents of Sherlock, only to discover he had won $10,000. On August 11, 2017, he was 48 years old and claimed to have just chosen random numbers. Like the other winner mentioned here, Holmes paid off some debts with the money.


Can I play Georgia 5 lottery from outside the world? Is it lawful?

No, you must get your tickets for Georgia FIVE from Georgian local merchants.

How to Play Georgia Five?

you can choose to play it at local retailer and also visit official website to buy Lottery tickets online in Georgia

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