Georgia (GA) Cash 3 Winning Numbers & Lottery Results

Georgia Cash 3

Georgia Lottery Cash 3 offered by Georgia State Lottery for his residents to win $500 at the cost of only $1 three times a day.

Today’s Georgia (GA) cash 3 Lottery Winning Results

Lottery NameDateWinning NumbersTop Prize
Georgia Cash 3 MiddaySunday, Sep 24, 20232-6-2$500
Georgia Cash 3 NightSaturday, Sep 23, 20238-0-3$500
Georgia Cash 3 EveningSaturday, Sep 23, 20234-3-7$500
Georgia Cash 3 MiddaySaturday, Sep 23, 20231-2-7$500
Georgia Cash 3 NightFriday, Sep 22, 20234-4-9$500
Georgia Cash 3 EveningFriday, Sep 22, 20238-0-8$500
Georgia Cash 3 MiddayFriday, Sep 22, 20237-8-4$500
Georgia Cash 3 NightThursday, Sep 21, 20230-9-1$500
Georgia Cash 3 EveningThursday, Sep 21, 20234-1-0$500
Georgia Cash 3 MiddayThursday, Sep 21, 20239-3-6$500
Georgia Cash 3 NightWednesday, Sep 20, 20237-9-3$500
Georgia Cash 3 EveningWednesday, Sep 20, 20233-9-8$500
Georgia Cash 3 MiddayWednesday, Sep 20, 20232-9-7$500
Georgia Cash 3 NightTuesday, Sep 19, 20230-2-6$500
Georgia Cash 3 EveningTuesday, Sep 19, 20239-2-1$500
Georgia Cash 3 MiddayTuesday, Sep 19, 20233-4-7$500
Georgia Cash 3 NightMonday, Sep 18, 20235-6-6$500
Georgia Cash 3 EveningMonday, Sep 18, 20237-9-2$500
Georgia Cash 3 MiddayMonday, Sep 18, 20235-0-8$500
Georgia Cash 3 EveningSunday, Sep 17, 20238-7-0$500

How To Play

Georgia Cash 3 Lottery gives players three chances every day to win up to $500. The drawings take place at noon at 12:29, in the evening at 6:59, and at night at 11:34. (all ET). All you have to do is choose three numbers between 0 and 9, after which you can choose the game category you want to play. You can choose a Quick Pick selection of random numbers to play if you don’t want to choose your own numbers. Then just check your numbers again to see if you’ve won any cash rewards!

Georgia Cash 3 Drawing & Schedule

Draw Time12:29 p.m. EST06:59 p.m. EST11:34 p.m. EST
Sales Stop12:20 p.m. EST06:50 p.m. EST10:45 p.m. EST

Georgia Cash 3  Prizes and Odds

Straight $250$5001 in 10,00
3-Way Box$80$1601 in 333
6-Way Box$40$801 in 167
3-Way Box + StraightNot available$290 (Straight) or $40 (Box)1 in 1,000 / 1 in 167
6-Way Box + StraightNot available$290 (Straight) or $40 (Box)1 in 1,000 / 1 in 167
3-Way Straight Combo$250$5001 in 333
6-Way Straight Combo$250$5001 in 167
1-Off Straight Match$125$2501 in 1,000
One-Digit 1-Off$12$241 in 167
Two-Digit 1-Off$2$41 in 83
Three-Digit 1-Off$4$81 in 125
Front Pair$25$501 in 100
Back Pair$25$501 in 100

If you decide to go with a Straight play for Cash 3 GA, you must match not only the three numbers themselves but also their precise order. Contrarily, box plays consist of three to six (total) combinations of the three numbers you have selected.

Three to six Straight plays are used in a Straight Combo play. The price is consequently correspondingly higher. If one to three of your numbers are off by one higher or lower number, you can still win with 1-Off bets. This Pick 3 game doesn’t have any extras or unique features.

Depending on the sort of game you choose to play, a winning three-digit number is generated at random, and you could win cash prizes.

Georgia Cash 3

Quick Pick

The computer will automatically select your numbers for you if you choose the Quick Pick option, or you can fill out a play slip and select a three-digit number between 000 and 999. Georgia Cash 3 Background

Since the game’s launch on August 10, 1993, which was a very long time ago, there had been no changes.

Georgia Cash 3 Ticket Cost

  • A $1 or 50 cent ticket.

  • Combo bets up to $6.

Important Information Regarding Cash 3 For Georgia Lottery

A straightforward Pick 3 game, Georgia Cash 3 features three daily drawings. Check out our pick three game strategy guide.


180 days are given to the game’s winners to claim their awards for GA Cash 3.




Can anyone play GA pick 3?

If you are at least 18 years old and a resident of Georgia, you are eligible to buy tickets to play this game.

How to play Georgia Cash 3 online?

you can choose to play it at local retailer and also visit official website to buy Lottery tickets online in Georgia

Where can I find the Cash 3 results?

On WSB-TV, you can watch the Georgia Cash 3 live drawings.

What day is the following Cash 3 drawing?

The following Georgia Cash 3 drawing will take place on January 17, 2023.

Which numbers appear most frequently in Cash 3?

Every Ga Pick 3 lottery drawing has three chances for the same digits from 0 to 9 to repeat themselves, therefore all numbers are quite common.

Which numbers did the most recent Cash 3 draw have as winners?

The most recent Georgia Cash 3 winning numbers were 8, 5, 8.


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